PSA Building in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

Here are the simple steps in getting PSA Certificates:

Step 1: Go to screening area, the PSA staff will ask what kind of document you want to get (birth, marriage, death, Cenomar). Then they will give you a queue number. Security guards will regularly update you what is the next number will be.

Important : You need to get authorization letter if you are getting the document on other person’s behalf. Also bring a photocopy of ID of both requester and applicant.
Here is an example of authorization letter:

Step 2: Payment of fees.
How much is it? Please see below:

a. Birth Certificate – 155.00 per copy

b. Marriage Certificate – 155.00 per copy

c. Death Certificate – 155.00 per copy

d. CENOMAR – 210.00 per copy

New PSA Fees

Note: Please come to PSA in the morning as they have a daily limit of applications around 400-600 person per day.

Step 3: Releasing. Once you have paid the fee, you may now proceed to their Releasing Section. You can get your PSA certificate also on the same day. Usually it’s ready to be release within 10 to 30 minutes . There are times that they have computer system update, it may take over an hour like what I’ve experience before.

Releasing Area

So there you have it, it’s easy as 1,2,3 to get a PSA Certificate!